About Us

Brief History HRF is a factory for radiators and all accessories manufacturing (Core Tube, fins, headers, tanks, pipes, filler neck…) .
It is since 1990, when it was the first idea to construct a radiator factory depending on our family experience in radiator business. The first step of the factory was completed which was the manufacturing of core only (tubes, fins, header). A few years later, the next step was taking its own way to be done which was the manufacturing of the brass tanks. It was a unique way in manufacturing all around the Middle East. In the late 90’s, the idea of manufacturing the complete radiators became our goal.

H.R.F was Established in 1992, Thus, seventy [ 70 ] years are a huge experience in the Radiator industrial field that could meet part of ever-growing demand for quality and high quality Radiator. HRF became the first manufacturing site in Lebanon that manufactures complete radiators for inside and outside the country.


Looking Forwardy By & By We've Reached!!
Now there are more than 140 different brands and models of complete radiators. Moreover, HRF is the no.1 factory in the Middle East to manufacture more than 160 pairs of brass tanks for different brands and models